It’s not easy being a mother and Janelle MacKay knows all about it, having had two children. Successfully raising a family of four, she begins her next challenge at Programmed in the Electrical Technologies division.

Joining us at the beginning of this year, Janelle is a first year Electrical Apprentice at Programmed, an interesting career path given the industry is primarily dominated by men. “I have always been interested in the way things work and how things are put together,” she said. Qualified with a Cert II in Electrotech, Data and Voice, she stands her ground amongst her male peers.

As one of the few female electricians at Programmed Janelle was a little apprehensive, “My initial concern with working within the construction industry was that I would be spending time away from my family. One of my other concerns was that of being rejected by fellow workmates. These concerns were quickly dissolved as the work commenced with the Programmed team who were happy to welcome me in. I am also very happy with the safety policy as it is always safety first.””

Janelle is currently working at the New Royal Adelaide Hospital and says “This is my first major project. I feel grateful for the opportunity and look forward to gaining an abundance of knowledge to help me achieve my future potential”. The team at Programmed Electrical Technologies are in the process of completing the distributed antenna system and are starting the installation of surgical pendants at the hospital. Project Manager John O’Shea chose Janelle from a list of candidates thinking she would be well suited for the project, and indeed “Janelle has fitted in extremely well. We are very happy with her performance and attitude.”

It is daunting for mothers to step back in the workplace. However, it has been a positive experience for Janelle who is extremely pleased with Programmed’s supportive staff and professional approach on-site. “I have met some lovely tradespeople who have really enjoyed their work and were happy to share their knowledge.”