Our plan has four key components:


We need to have every employee come home uninjured every night as a basic tenet of our operations. This also means our productivity improves and our costs are lower. Customers will hire Programmed because we work safely and can help them improve the safety of their own operations. We have a plan to improve our safety performance further, built on ensuring the right leadership behaviours and a deeper understanding of our critical risks.



As we are an organisation that has come together through a number of acquisitions, and we continue to recruit many new people, we need to ensure all our people develop similar positive attributes. In particular, we focus on visible displays of personal safety leadership, care and empathy for the people around you, and good old fashioned customer service.




We aim to adopt standard systems and uniform administration processes where it makes sense to do so. We will continue to invest in our business systems to enable greater simplification of administration processes, lower costs and better service. We are also looking to build new sales channels and online service delivery.



a) Marketing and customer development - We plan to invest further in strategic marketing of our services across the combined group, and also to specific industry sectors and specific customers based upon the “Programmed Difference” and the new opportunities that will arise across the combined group customer base. We will transition all businesses to the one master Programmed brand to further promote the capability and capacity of the combined organisation.

b) Build scale - We have a standard operating platform that is readily scalable and we will seek to increase the services we provide to grow earnings and lower our average unit operating cost.

c) Resources and Energy– The new assets that have been built will require operations and maintenance support for the next 20 to 40 years. We are seeking ways to provide staffing, maintenance and facility management services to support these operations over many years.

d) Infrastructure – Operation and maintenance expenditures are forecast to grow significantly in most classes of infrastructure, including health, education, water, justice, public housing, ports and transport. New assets are being built to meet the demands of a growing and aging population. We have been successful recently in securing major contracts infrastructure and will seek further ways to participate in its staffing, maintenance and facility management.