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    Addressing safety issues in fmcg

    Programmed was appointed as the sole national provider of managed workforce services for a major national food manufacturer. At the time, their all injury frequency rate (AIFR) reflected unsafe work conditions, so they engaged Programmed to improve their safety performance.


    Our primary focus was to help our customer reduce their AIFR, which sat at 6.96/200,000 man-hours at the time we were engaged.


    Programmed’s strong focus and commitment to our goal of Zero Harm are underpinned by robust safety processes, procedures and ongoing communication of safety to all field employees. These were the factors that would help our customer elevate its safety performance and minimise risk on-site.


    Programmed staff worked closely with our customer to implement safety measures on-site and keep safety in the forefront of every employee’s mind. A standard component of the Programmed recruitment process is Flexscreen, which seeks to uncover potential or existing injuries based on a candidate’s flexibility and movement before they become workplace injuries. This assessment contributed significantly in reducing our customer’s overall exposure to workplace injury.


    Over an initial 12-month period, Programmed implemented a number of measures that contributed to a much improved safety performance. At the end of the 12 months, Programmed had reduced the AIFR to 3.18/200,000 man-hours and further reduced the AIFR to 1.67/200,000 man hours in the following year.


    In effect a >50% reduction in the AIFR was achieved for each of the measured periods. Similarly the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) of an initial 2.48/200,0000 man-hours was reduced over an 18-month period to 0.84/200,000 man-hours.

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