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    Avondale college

    Project Description


    With a history dating back to 1943, Avondale College has a diverse range of buildings to look after. Programmed has worked with the college for a number of years, providing exterior paint maintenance to their buildings through a number of long-term programmes.


    This included a gradual implementation of a new colour scheme across the entire campus, which in 2011 used a contemporised palette of colours to modernise the college’s look and bring greater consistency to its appearance. This cohesively blended older buildings with newer constructions.


    Project Solution


    A planned paint maintenance programme provided a solution that would retain this refreshed look for years to come, extend the lifespan of the assets, and enable the college to derive maximum benefits from its investments in building and maintenance.


    Recently, this close and productive partnership grew to incorporate the college’s grounds maintenance. Avondale College’s 14 hectares encompasses courtyards, gardens, grassed areas and 7 sports fields - all of which require maintenance for year-round usability.


    Entrusting the day-to-day management of its demanding grounds maintenance to Programmed ensures the college and its students that their beautiful grounds and sports fields stay lush and accessible all year round, no matter the season. The college’s management team can, as a result, focus on education and students without having to worry about its grounds.


    Project Outcome


    In alleviating maintenance concerns for both its grounds and painted areas, as well as providing Avondale College with a single point of contact for any concerns, Programmed was able to give them peace of mind.


    The college knows that should an issue arise, there is just one person to call and it will all be taken care of. As a school that prides itself on its facilities and setting, Avondale College is assured of the daily quality and consistency of its image and presentation.


    “Programmed gives us the peace of mind that our buildings and grounds are maintained to a high standard without us having the headache of managing staff to carry out the maintenance. I know that Programmed will always strive to ensure our school looks its best.”Brian Quedley (Property Manager, Avondale College)

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