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    Managed workforce services for a retail giant

    A leading health and beauty retailer invited Programmed to participate in a tender for the provision of labour hire services to their distribution centre in Dandenong South.


    The distribution centre employed approximately 160 temporary employees through four separate managed workforce providers. Employees are required to be experienced in stores-related tasks and responsibilities, and must be licensed to operate materials handling equipment (where applicable).


    Other elements required of managed workforce service providers include:


    • Providing regular group site inductions
    • Ensuring a strong safety culture is maintained and promoted on-site
    • Managing appropriate PPE
    • Roster management
    • Employee performance management
    • Maintaining a regular on-site presence


    Our understanding of the business was developed through comprehensive discussions with key personnel on-site, and through these conversations we were able to develop an appreciation of site issues and their day-to-day labour force management activities.


    In response to this, we presented a detailed presentation highlighting to our customer that by accessing the comprehensive resources of Programmed they were able to:


    • Reduce the number of suppliers on-site from 4 to 1
    • Reduce the complexity of labour management
    • Reduce the costs of doing business
    • Reduce administration associated with the payroll/invoice process
    • Improve the efficiency of labour responsiveness
    • Improve roster management
    • Improve coverage across shift times
    • Improve their ability to “tap” into labour market demographics and specific cohorts
    • Enable their core staff to focus on their business, allowing the labour supplier to completely manage the contingent labour resources
    • Oversee a seamless transition of all 120 employees within a three week period


    Programmed delivered a 100% successful transition to a sole supplier model. Our customer benefitted from the automation of their timesheet, payroll and invoice management processes and it resulted in significant cost-savings for their business.


    “Based upon their excellent presentation, I expected Programmed to deliver a good service, however I did not expect the multiple benefits which have come through this period of change to one labour supplier. I would recommend Programmed to any business that is seeking to simplify and improve their labour supply arrangements.” – Melbourne Distribution Centre Manager.

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