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    Ministry of education nz

    The Hobsonville Point Schools Public Private Partnership (PPP) was signed in April 2012, and was the first PPP to be signed in New Zealand. Programmed FM was part of the winning Learning Infrastructure Partners consortia engaged to design, construct, finance and maintain the new Hobsonville primary and secondary schools.


    Located west of Auckland, the Hobsonville Point Schools comprise:


    • Hobsonville Point Primary School (Years 1 to 8) – 690 student capacity, opened January 2013
    • Hobsonville Point Secondary School (Years 9 to 13) – 1,500 student capacity, opened to Year 9 in January 2014 and will open to other year levels in subsequent years


    Programmed Facility Management provides facility management services to both primary and secondary schools for a 25 year operating term.


    These services include:


    • Whole of life building and asset maintenance
    • Life cycle refurbishment
    • Grounds maintenance
    • Waste management
    • Utilities services
    • Pest control
    • Cleaning
    • Security
    • Grounds maintenance
    • Minor works


    Working closely with our consortia partners, Morrison & Co (equity and SPV management), Westpac (debt funding) and Hawkins Constructions (design and construction), Programmed FM influenced the design and construction to maximise whole of life objectives. This was achieved through:


    • Development of a FM brief that contained minimum design and construction standards, minimum warranties, standard asset life and spares schedules
    • Attendance to design working groups during concept design through to detailed design
    • Attendance to construction progress meetings and on-site attendance during the construction phase
    • Witnessing of commissioning


    Customer service initiatives/innovations


    Critical to the successful implementation of the project has been the establishment of the polices and procedures manuals. These documents included:


    • Detailed asset management plans
    • Business continuity plans
    • Safety, quality and environmental plans
    • Handover packages


    The design of these documents were based on Programmed FM’s standard document library and tailored specifically to the requirements of the Hobsonville Point Schools PPP.


    Lessons learnt


    • The development of an FM brief provides a mechanism for the design and construction teams to focus beyond the initial phase of the project and to optimise whole of life outcomes
    • The use of Maximo as the central repository for asset information enables the asset management plan to remain a dynamic document
    • Witnessing construction and commissioning provides the FM delivery staff with substantially improved operational understanding which provides the client with improved operational response and rectification times 
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