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    Seamless transition of 130 production staff

    Programmed has a strong relationship with its manufacturing customer, supplying maintenance services and personnel to their two sites in Victoria. Programmed was asked to transition 130 production staff following a change in one of their suppliers.


    The principal requirement was to transition 130 employees while minimising the impact on the customer’s production operations. To achieve this we liaised closely with our customer and agreed that September was the best period for transition activity, as this was outside their peak production season.


    Programmed established a transition team to detail the transition plan, defining key activities, responsibilities and timelines for each site. This planning exercise also identified the key stakeholders within both the customer and Programmed. Regular communication through a shared and open approach, in the lead up to the transition, enabled all stakeholders to understand and commit to the process.


    Weekly meetings were held to monitor progress and to resolve any issues as they arose. Our close working relationship and open dialogue with the customer also enabled quick resolutions to be achieved.


    Prior to transition, every employee was interviewed to reaffirm their suitability for the role. Musculoskeletal screening was an integral part of the selection process and all employees were assessed to ensure that they were capable of undertaking the proposed roles safely.


    Programmed’s safety induction was provided for all transferring employees, reinforcing safe working practices. The induction process also provided the opportunity for all employees to meet their supervisors and service managers.


    Our shared and open process with the customer enabled us to deliver a highly successful transition. Approximately 130 employees transitioned over a three-week period. Our customer described our performance as “awesome” and our back office support as “far and beyond what had happened before”. Programmed’s attention to detail throughout the planning and execution ensured that the transition had a positive impact on both the relationship with our customer and the transitioned employees.

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