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    St michael's college, sa

    Our Customer

    Founded over 60 years ago, St Michael’s College in Adelaide is a Catholic school providing Reception to Year 12 education. The college consists of a junior and senior campus located in the western suburbs of Henley Beach and Beverley.


    Project Description

    The Lasallian vision of education at St Michael’s College (St Michael’s) supports and challenges students to “be the best they can be”. From this educational philosophy, the school has developed a rich and stimulating learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential.

    The College had the foresight to maintain its buildings, recognising that they were key to a physical environment able to support student well-being. They engaged Programmed to assist them with a paint and maintenance programme as early as 20 years ago. Since then, our relationship with the school has only deepened with each contract renewal.


    Project Solution

    St Michael’s enrolments continue to grow as a result of families being attracted to what the College has to offer, and in tandem with this, significant new construction resulting in a mix of older and newer-style buildings.

    Flexibility and consistency are at the core of Programmed’s offering to St Michael’s. The nature of the long-term programme the College has with us ensures they can incorporate new building developments or building removals on either campus into the existing programme. This retains high standards of presentation as well as a cohesive look across the College.

    The programme is also customised so that maintenance works scheduled suits the age and condition of each building. Newly constructed buildings are painted with prevailing colour schemes to seamlessly integrate the new structure with the existing surrounds.

    With the latest programme renewal, Programmed worked closely with St Michael’s to introduce a new colour scheme throughout the interior of the school.

    Unlike other maintenance companies that subcontract workers for a project, Programmed is a direct employer of most of its workforce. The consistency of key staff that have worked at the school over almost 20 years provides St Michael’s confidence that Programmed truly understands the school, its history and its buildings – all of which greatly contribute to a successful relationship.


    Project Outcome

    Dominic LoBasso, Business Manager at St Michael’s College is appreciative of Programmed’s rapport and flexible maintenance solution.


    “Programmed continues to provide a quality and professional painting maintenance programme to St Michael’s College. Whilst protecting and enhancing our buildings to a very high standard, their programme provides the ability to spread the costs over the contract period making budgeting much easier whilst providing cash flow predictability. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Programmed to prospective schools.”

    Dominic LoBasso, Business Manager, St Michael's College (SA)

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