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    Taperoo soccer club

    Our Customer: LCS Landscape

    LCS Landscapes is a progressive landscaping organisation committed to preserving and restoring vulnerable eco-systems. They were appointed by City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council as the primary contractor for works at the soccer club.


    Project Description

    Port Adelaide Lion Soccer Club, or as they are better known, The Pirates, have struggled to accommodate their continuously growing numbers. Each year, they have no choice but to turn away half of the hopeful children who attend the soccer trials. They knew it was time for a new clubhouse.

    With support and funding from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, and a little help from Programmed, the club is watching with anticipation as a former school site is being transformed into a long-awaited soccer hub. Programmed was contracted by LCS Landscapes, the project’s main contractor, to install lighting for the club’s new soccer pitches.


    Project Solution

    The scope for the installation required Programmed to procure and install six 22 meter tall light towers that would illuminate the junior soccer pitches. Two of the main towers are fitted with six light fittings on each pole while the remaining towers have four. We were also responsible for providing and installing a control board for each tower as well as a new main switch board in the car park. 

    To ensure stability for each tower, piers had to be excavated to a depth of three meters. Ground inspections consequently discovered the water table sitting just one and a half meters below ground. To safely overcome this, we brought in a Vac truck to extract all of the water before we allowed any concrete for the foundation to be poured in. 

    The site’s sandy surface posed further risks. The heavy vehicles and machinery needed to install the lights and towers could get stuck in miry conditions, but the extra time and planning we spent strategising safe access routes enabled us to avoid this.

    For better efficiency, rather than have the tower installed in parts, all assembly of the light towers, including installation of lights onto the poles and connection of wires, occurred on the ground. This allowed the pole to be lifted in one swift motion and placed on top of each rag bolt. A boom then provided the finishing touch, positioning and focusing each tower’s lights. This not only simplified the final installation but proved to be safer and more efficient.


    Project Outcome

    Despite the challenging site conditions, Programmed’s attention to detail and site observations ensured all the lighting and tower works were completed safely and well under the time frame of three months. The remaining aspects of the soccer complex’s construction are on track for completion next year and is looking to be one of the best soccer facilities in South Australia. 

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