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    Our technology offering is designed to be intuitive, customised and scalable to support your organisation’s facility management strategy. Our core systems can integrate with most customers’ IT environments.

    A fully integrated system

    We utilise Maximo as our core asset management system. Consisting of separate modules, this allows you to successfully manage your assets in alignment with your strategic objectives.

    Mobile, real-time asset data

    Data feeds into Maximo to our bespoke Mobility Application Platform (ProMAP). ProMAP is a smart phone app that provides our technicians and subcontractors with work orders and real-time asset information on their mobile devices. Our customised Business Intelligence reporting provides you and our team with contract performance and progress in a visual dashboard to the desktop.

    A customer focused approach

    • A single technology interface (Maximo) for the delivery of all maintenance services
    • Dynamic dashboards providing visibility and insight for better decision making
    • Real-time data capture, works commencement and completion in the field using ProMAP
    • Whole-of-life (WoL) analysis reporting
    • Integrating disparate data points with IoT technology

    Adding value to your business

    Our technology partners support us to deliver smart FM solutions that suit your environment. We deploy IoT-based technology solutions strategically to add value to your business.

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