Thursday 7 June, 2018


Second update: PageUp incident


As a precautionary step we have ceased use of PageUp’s systems while we investigate the alleged unauthorised access further. We want to assure all of our employees, former employees and applicants that we treat the protection of their data with the highest priority, and while there is no evidence that data has been compromised, we feel it is important to be transparent throughout this process.

To confirm, Programmed uses the PageUp systems to recruit and on-board its in-house salaried and administration roles and its maintenance trades workforce.  It does not use these systems in the recruitment of its on-hire field employees in the staffing businesses. Programmed has been using the PageUp system since 1 January 2006 to source and more recently on-board new hires.  In most instances the information contained relates only to personal identifiers such as names, addresses and contact details.  In some instances other information provided by applicants such as copies of documents, tax file numbers and banking details are included. 

What steps can you take?

Programmed advises you to:

  1. Investigate any unusual or different alerts or actions within your own online profiles and activities which may suggest someone is using your identity information.
  2. Be mindful of any unexpected activity in relation to your banking and if you see anything unusual report this to your financial institution immediately.
  3. Be mindful of attempts to scam you or family members via email and / or phone calls.

For more general information on how to protect your data visit

How can you find out further information?

We will update you further as more information becomes available, either via email or through our website  Information is also available directly from the Page Up website

Should you wish to contact Programmed regarding this matter or to report any suspicious activity regarding your banking or use of personal data, please email with the subject heading “PageUp” and we will respond to you within 24 hours.