Raising the IQ of your facility.

Turning your property into a ‘smart building’, or automating electrical services, not only achieves energy cost savings, but also streamline facilities management and boosts your company’s green credentials.

It allows you to have central control of services such as lighting, air-conditioning, irrigation, audio visual, and security control. All of which ultimately improve energy efficiency and running costs.

Programmed are experts at facility integration and can tailor an intelligent building automation solution that meets the level of sophistication you require. We can create systems for both new and existing buildings, as well as alter current building automation systems in response to changing business situations.

Our energy management services include:

  • Energy and light level audits
  • Energy monitoring
  • Power analysis and data logging
  • Power factor correction
  • Solar power
  • Building management systems
  • Lighting control
  • Lighting upgrades


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