Delivering safe, reliable and flexible shutdown service solutions.

Programmed provides tailored shutdown and outage solutions across diverse industry sectors and locations. Our shutdown solutions range from the provision of shutdown support, the provision of small and large scale supervised teams (exceeding 500), through to turnkey shutdown management, planning and execution.

Dedicated shutdown teams

We have a specialised shutdown team who are highly skilled, experienced and regularly work together on shutdown projects.

Rapid mobilisation capability

With a centralised recruitment team and over 100 regional and metropolitan locations to support large-scale crew mobilisation for major outages, combined with our national FIFO capability, Programmed Industrial Maintenance has the ability to service challenging and remote locations, and provide rapid mobilisation for peak demands and unplanned events. For large-scale crew recruitment and mobilisation, we are supported by our centralised recruitment team, and Programmed’s Skilled Workforce division with more than 90 locations across Australia.


Specific services offered include:

  • Fixed and mobile plant maintenance
  • Risk assessment & mitigation
  • Procurement
  • Scoping and work pack development
  • Detailed scheduling and critical path tracking
  • Tooling and logistics
  • Scoping and planning of works
  • Full supervision
  • Mobilisation
  • Execution and closeout

Specialist and value-add services:

  • Mill relines
  • Mantle and liner changes
  • Crusher house repairs
  • Apron feeder and discharge chute repairs
  • Scraper replacement and adjustments
  • Scaffolding






Strong focus on safety and compliance

Operating in shutdown environments, our safety management system and behaviours are critical. With diverse industry experience and a certified online safety management system, we are able to share safety initiatives and innovations from one shutdown to another.

Mill Maintenance Specialists

Programmed can provide mill reline expertise, including the supply of specialist personnel and equipment to reline grinding mills, feeders and crushers at hard rock mining sites such as gold, copper, lead, silver and zinc mines.

We provide a core crew of reline specialists who are able to plan and execute superior mill reline solutions, including:

  • Liner change outs
  • Backing rubber replacement
  • Trunnion liner and trommel change outs and repairs
  • New installations, decommissioning and dismantling of plant and equipment
  • Overhauls on crushers, chain and box feeders, launders, scrubbers and driers

Our team has extensive experience in the operation of all types of reline equipment manufactured by Russell Mineral Equipment, Maxitool and McLennan.