Shape the future of your communications.


Harness the power of technology for fully integrated audio visual (AV) solutions. Maximise opportunities for collaboration, interactive learning, commercial displays and the like. From presentation rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls to virtual classrooms, lobbies, museums, sporting arenas and retail shops, your organisation can surely benefit from an integrated audio visual environment.

Programmed can help you with multi-vendor collaboration solutions, designing these around your requirements. You’ll be able to communicate how and where you like, and easily manage this remotely or on-site through centralised control.

Our full suite of services takes you from integration and implementation to management and beyond. Maintenance and support services protect the functionality of your investment, while future-proofing ensures your system’s currency despite the fast-changing technological environment.

Being vendor neutral, but with established partnerships within the industry, gives us buying power and the ability to promise you the best solution and products aligned to your needs. These solutions are strong, stable and secure – proven to have met even the most rigorous of requirements for customers in finance, defence and health industries. This same expertise is at your service.

Plus, we have a national footprint. Meaning all across Australia, we’re here to help.


Our audio visual integration services include:

  • AV system control and management
  • Consultant specified systems
  • Classrooms, lecture halls and training facilities
  • Sporting arenas, stadiums and auditoriums
  • Virtual meeting and classrooms
  • Conference rooms, boardrooms and meeting facilities
  • Video walls, interactive displays and digital displays
  • Command and control centres
  • Maintenance and support
  • Service level agreement


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