Taking on the future.

Selecting the correct type of cable to meet your requirements is an important decision. Programmed can help you with a network cabling system able to meet not just current needs, but future challenges too.

Our customer-specific solutions include creating networks that are imperviousness to interference. The network will also have maximised transmission integrity, speed over distances, and the ability to maintain crucial bandwidth capacity despite high demand.

Because experience counts, you can rely on Programmed. We’ve delivered cabling networks to commercial, industrial, hazardous and high security environments for years. So we can assure you of solutions that are able to withstand stringent standards for speed, data integrity, and security.

The network cabling solutions we deliver are standards-compliant and include telephone cabling, Cat5 – Cat7 copper cabling and fibre optics cabling. While we are well-versed in design and deployment, we also assist with the selection and installation of data racks, cooling systems, data room temperature monitoring systems, UPS and cable management, making it easy for you.

Too many variables to account for? Let us guide you through your decision for the most appropriate system, category and class. We’ll explain the total cost of ownership (TCO), compare systems and pinpoint advantages able to work in your favour. This includes future-proofing your infrastructure so it nimbly accommodates higher bandwidths and next generation applications for a longer lifecycle. These fully maximise your cabling investment today for tomorrow.

Plus, attune your solution to the environment. Speak to us for recommendations capable of reducing requirements for physical demands for space, handling and material.

Our fibre optic and copper solutions include:

  • Data cabling
  • Fibre optics
  • VOIP
  • Containment
  • Communications room services
  • Network backbone and trunk cabling
  • Office solutions
  • Server racks, data points, power and UPS management
  • Cable management systems
  • Network switches and patch panel


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