We do the gardening and grounds work so that you don’t have to. Intuitive management on our part frees you from having to be involved daily but still be able to enjoy spectacular grounds and beautiful gardens.

Expert grounds maintenance specialists and horticulturists work hard on your behalf. Think pretty colours, trimmed hedges, and healthy trees. Our expertise can help you ensure low maintenance gardens, water efficient irrigation systems and tree choices that don’t cause costly root damage.

Prized sporting turfs and ovals get extra care. Regular soil and turf testing combined with planned seeding and fertilisation, ensures optimum health and lush growth. The true benchmark of quality, though, is that our grounds are able to host professional sporting teams.

We’ll make sure that your green spaces are environmentally responsible and sustainable too. Wherever possible we adopt industry-leading initiatives, such as water conservation practices and low volatile organic compound fertilisers, to minimise our environmental footprint.

Our grounds and garden services include:

  • Grounds management services
  • Arboricultural services including audits and maintenance
  • Design and installation of efficient irrigation systems
  • Development and implementation of grounds management plans
  • Fine turf and sports turf management
  • General maintenance including brush cutting, fertiliser application, mechanical edging, mowing, planting, pruning, waste removal and more
  • Sports oval preparation and maintenance
  • Water conservation and management strategies
  • Weed and pest control, including treating flowers and shrubs for pests and fungus, plus removing noxious plants and weeds


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