Often the most difficult challenge businesses and institutions face is finding the funds to carry out necessary refurbishment and maintenance work to property assets.


This is why we offer 4 types of long-term maintenance programmes to alleviate budgetary woes. Each programme enables you to commence painting works now and fund it with flexible payments over a set period of time.

And these aren’t just available for painting. We can also provide long-term programmes on bundled services as well, including grounds, signage, electrical, and audio visual.

To learn more about our maintenance painting programmes, watch the video or read more on each programme below.

Classic Programme

An upfront work schedule with periodic payment.

The Classic Programme is ideal for situations where a major redevelopment or refurbishment project is needed. It provides for the bulk of the work to happen immediately, while payment is evenly distributed over the entire life of the programme.

In this way, it ensures the greatest aesthetic impact on the property can occur as quickly as possible.

Choices Programme
Pay as you go – you decide when, where and how often.

This approach completes most of the work upfront, with the majority of payments made as it is completed. Since more is paid upfront, subsequent payments are smaller and in line with the value of work completed. While the works may be capitalised, payments from Year 2 onwards can be paid from predetermined budgets.

This programme may be suitable where there is a need to use the remaining funds in an annual budget, or the works need to be paid for from a ‘sinking fund’ established for the purpose. It may also be an appropriate solution where the owner of an asset is contributing part of the funds upfront, or there is a grant available for the work.

Multiform Programme
A uniform solution for multiple facilities or locations.

The Multiform Programme is designed to meet the needs of businesses with multiple assets in various states of repair. The works programme can be tailored to address specific assets as they require attention, while payments are evenly distributed over the period of the agreement.

Safeguard Programme
Ongoing preservation programme to keep your asset looking new.

This is a regular programme of selective upkeep to maintain a facility that’s already in good condition. The work is paid for as it is completed, according to a predetermined annual plan. It is ideal for ongoing grounds maintenance projects. The Safeguard Programme is often put in place following the completion of another programme to retain the high standard that has been established, or when a new building’s warranty period expires.

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