Outcome driven sustainability strategies.

Programmed provides you with end-to-end sustainable solutions using our Identify, Evaluate, Execute, Realise model for energy, water and carbon dioxide savings of up to 60%. It’s an integrated sustainability strategy customised to your requirements.

Comprehensive feasibility studies are fundamental. Successful long-term sustainability depends on it. And with each organisation being unique, these studies help outline a roadmap by which you can then tailor your building’s energy efficiency.

Programmed’s feasibility studies are detailed, yet practical. We help you analyse the total cost of ownership, outline investment, forecast savings and potential returns. Each study details specific energy conservation measures. Complete reviews of all energy-based equipment (e.g. lighting, air-conditioning units, boilers, stoves, indoor/outdoor taps and fixtures, etc.), will identify usage patterns and efficiency opportunities.

It’s not always possible to implement all measures immediately. So feasibility studies are starting points, helping you to prioritise measures and resources. Plus, we also identify any available funding and financing avenues, and how we can help to make it easy for you.

Programmed then partner with you through implementation and beyond. We will walk you through each stage and review the results, even after savings have been achieved.

Your ability to achieve energy savings comes from the fact that we are solely outcome-based. Our only influence in designing your sustainability strategy is you. All of the applications, methods and products applied to your strategy have been chosen to support your particular needs and desired outcomes.


Our feasibility studies service includes:

  • Consultancy and energy studies
  • Lighting efficiencies
  • HVAC control
  • Energy metering systems
  • Mechanical plant and equipment review
  • Renewable energy
  • Off-grid energy systems
  • Funding and finance


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