Programmed acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work.

Programmed Skilled Workforce is committed to providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with sustainable employment opportunities. This is in support of the Commonwealth Government’s national priority to halve the employment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and recognise the importance of work for individual and community well-being.

Programmed is a recognised service provider for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Indigenous Advancement Strategy – Jobs, Land and Economy Program, and a signatory to Generation One.

Creating sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous people

Through our specialised Indigenous Employment Services programme, we provide training and employment opportunities that assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in gaining relevant skills and work experiences that equip them for a lifetime of employment. Our training programmes are aligned with the skill requirements of our customers, ensuring that we are able to readily provide trained Indigenous employees to our customers, through a wide range of courses from forklift licensing through to formal traineeships and apprenticeships.

Our specialised Indigenous employment team provides vocational care to Indigenous employees throughout all stages of their employment, from the recruitment process to successful completion of training and on-the-job mentoring. This high level of support ensures high levels of workplace attendance and retention.

Programmed Indigenous Employment Services

Our Indigenous Employment Services program provides:

  • A dedicated Indigenous Employment Manager who works with our customers to increase Indigenous participation across our workforce
  • Sponsorship of the Clontarf Foundation and Yalari
  • Support in developing Indigenous Participation Plans
  • Support in completing Cultural Heritage Management Plans

We work closely with our customers to source Indigenous employees from all over the country. We are involved in recruiting substantial Indigenous workforces for our mining customers (up to 20% of the total workforce), and undertake regular recruitment drives to maintain a strong pool of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates.

Key staff members are trained in cross-cultural awareness and have completed courses in coaching and mentoring of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees. The training aims to provide our staff with invaluable understanding and insight into Indigenous culture and the challenges candidates face in training and employment.


To recruit and retain the very best talent, we recognise that skill and experience comes in many forms. Which means we actively seek interest and applications from people of all backgrounds and experience.

Please explore the diverse range of career opportunities available at Programmed.