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Recruiting outside of the box

Mar 15, 2021

Programmed Health Professionals receive a high volume of shifts for Assistant in Nursing (AIN) candidates from various hospital networks, with hundreds of shifts to fill each week in WA alone. These shifts can be challenging to fill as some hospital networks will only accept those who have completed a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance Acute Care (HSA) on top of their AIN qualification.

To meet the demand, the recruitment team in WA have been investigating alternative sourcing channels to complement the more traditional means of posting on Seek or the Programmed job board. The team have found success in building relationships with the local TAFEs, particularly those that offer the HSA qualification.

To test the waters, the WA recruitment team ventured out to meet with the graduating class of an HSA program at the local TAFE. In addition to introducing the students to the Programmed brand, the team also met with various staff on campus to develop an ongoing referral stream for future AINs in our public hospitals.

Overall, the team were delighted with the outcome of the extremely successful visit. We not only got invited back for the next intake of AIN students, but also managed to recruit 26 AINs who will now join our Health Professionals family.

Gemelina Mallett is one of the lucky students who signed up with the team and has been able to work shifts as a Personal Care Attendant while waiting to receive her HSA certification. She received it recently and has since been activated by a large hospital network to work public hospital AIN shifts through us.

Gemelina has also had the opportunity to work with one of our direct care clients in their home. Her experience really highlights the versatility of shifts Programmed can offer our employees.

With more TAFE visits planned for 2021, the Health Professionals team look forward to bolstering their AIN numbers further. Well done to Rose Mohamed, Nora Morgan, Selam Berhanu for investigating this new sourcing channel in WA.

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