Programmed’s vision is to be a leading provider of staffing, maintenance and facility management services, without injury.

Programmed recognises that responsible health and safety management is an integral element of our responsibility to our employees, contractors, clients, the community and other stakeholders. Programmed demonstrates its responsibility and commitment to providing a safe workplace through the following actions:

  • Implementing a pragmatic risk management approach to health and safety by identifying and managing the risk exposures of our activities in conjunction with our clients
  • Identifying, monitoring and complying with applicable health and safety laws, codes, standards and other regulatory obligations
  • Setting clear and measurable objectives for the organisation to ensure continual improvement and to facilitate our objective of Zero Harm
  • Facilitating consultation activities with all personnel and their representatives to ensure that all parties are involved in decision making processes which impact on their health and safety
  • Disseminating health and safety information to all persons in the workplace and the provision of health and safety training, instruction and supervision to all relevant persons
  • Articulating and measuring the health and safety roles and responsibilities of our people
  • Ensuring that where multiple businesses share premises the safety of all personnel at that location is supported by the Safety Management System of the predominant business
  • Implementing systems within our businesses to prohibit being affected by drugs or having a blood alcohol content reading in excess of zero while working
  • Ensuring the accurate reporting and recording of all incidents, and taking all practicable steps to prevent recurrences.
  • Regularly monitoring the objectives of this policy to ensure their effective implementation

This policy applies to all activities undertaken by Programmed.


Chris Sutherland
Managing Director