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A day out with Linda and Davina

Jul 4, 2021

Programmed Care is fortunate enough to support two generations of the Copley family. In caring for both grandmother Linda and granddaughter Davina, they can offer consistency and stability in their approach and provide an enriching environment for them to focus on their goals.

The marketing team recently travelled to Adelaide for a photoshoot with the family, where Davina and Linda were also joined by Support Workers, Lenet and Tanya, who were happy to come along and share some insights into the relationships they have formed during their time together.

The team started their day at Linda’s house, where they were quickly ushered outside for a tour of the veggie patch before sitting down with the group to discuss the support provided and how they are tracking with their goals. Linda receives social support and assistance with transport. Her goals are to return to the church to run the kitchen and book club. In the beginning, Linda found it difficult to leave the house and talk to new people, but with the support that Programmed provide, Linda is getting her confidence back. She is becoming more comfortable leaving the house to enjoy the things she loves, such as visiting the ducks in her local park.

Davina, aged 14, receives social support and assistance with her exercise program before and after school. Her goals include learning to cook nutritious food and gaining useful life skills. Davina was recently inspired by a careers poster she saw at school promoting mechanical apprenticeships and has decided this is a career she would like to pursue. With a bit of assistance from Tanya, Davina is well on her way to realising her dream job.

Linda and Davina spoke very highly of their respective support workers and credited a large portion of their recent developments to the strong relationship they had built with each other.

When asked about their time together, Support Worker, Lenet said it had been an amazing journey working with Linda and seeing her confidence grow as she transitions into the life that she wants for herself.

Overall, it was a great day out getting to know the family and an excellent opportunity to capture some precious moments to put into perspective all the rewarding work our people like Lenet and Tanya do every day to enhance the lives of their clients.

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