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Programmed supplied a team of 20 trainees completing a Certificate II and III in Telecommunications to assist with a pilot project conducted in Victoria, for the rollout of fibre optic cabling for a national telecommunications project. The total project was conducted over an 8-10 month period.

Not only did Programmed trainees successfully provide technical services, but they also provided additional value by maximising the opportunity to sign up households to the network once cabling had been laid. This was critical to the future success of the project, which the government was monitoring closely. And it was also critical for our client to ensure a future revenue stream associated with the project

Our customer’s project team had previously recruited their own community engagement teams who were tasked with ensuring that households were signing up to this scheme at the same time as appropriate infrastructure was being laid. However, their success rate was poor.

Programmed’s trainees, using the knowledge gained from their training, were able to add their expertise to the process by engaging with households using an educational approach as to why signing up was advantageous to each household, while highlighting the benefits, such as retaining their existing landline number and incurring no fee for doing so.

Our trainee team was more successful in signing up households to the network than the other teams combined – an outstanding achievement.

Programmed continues to deploy field forces for the continued fibre rollout, currently adding around 20 employees weekly in every state in Australia, contributing to the national project.

Programmed anticipates that within the first 12 months of the project up to 400 technicians will be placed, with around 2,000 deployed at peak after 24 months. Programmed Service Supervisors meet with the field crew at least fortnightly to conduct safety talks and ‘check-in’ with employees.

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