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A collaborative approach to Asset Management

Oct 4, 2017

A year into the contract, Melbourne Airport (APAM) and Programmed FM have demonstrated excellent progress in integrating the PFM Asset Management System. The collaborative approach between APAM and the PFM Strategic Asset Management team has led to greater insights into the true nature of faults, better decision making and better reporting.

Having a strategic “question everything we do” approach with a focus that balances the risk, cost, and performance demands of asset management decision making has made it possible to achieve first-year success.

“We understand Melbourne Airport’s Performance, Risk, and Cost requirements and what is expected of us as a service provider. The past year our team has kept focused on the asset management fundamentals of Value, Alignment, Leadership, and Assurance. We are not perfect. Sometimes we get it wrong, but that’s okay so long as we learn and improve.” Says Antony King, Asset Manager, APAM.

The Melbourne Airport contract has been assessed by a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) accredited practitioner as meeting the requirements of ISO-55001 standards in June 2019.  With strategic asset management principles a core part of Programmed FM offering, the Programmed/APAM leadership team continue developing readiness for ISO-55001 accreditation.

“We have been working really well with APAM and its pleasing to see the positive Asset Management outcomes where the APAM AMS is demonstrating ongoing Asset Management Maturity. This demonstrates to our clients Programmed’s commitment to best practice in Asset Management which is benchmarked and certified against international asset management standards,” Explained Peter Robinson, Asset Management Systems Manager.

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