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Aged Care Reforms to be Complete February 2017

Aug 30, 2016

An important date for many retirement living providers is looming large. In six months, at the end of February 2017, implementation of a comprehensive suite of aged care reforms will be complete, handing power to the care recipient and letting them decide who, how and at what price they want their care provided.

Aged care reforms to be complete 2017

These reforms will have a significant impact on the aged care sector. Many home care recipients live in retirement villages, and some village operators are formally entering the care sector, either as direct providers or in alliances with other organisations.

Recently the Retirement Living Council engaged Ansell Strategic to conduct research into the opportunities for retirement living operators arising from these reforms. Last week, Ansell Strategic hosted two workshops, in Sydney and Perth, with operators of all shapes and sizes, to find out more about their experiences in care and learn more about their intentions.

In November, at the National Retirement Living Summit in Melbourne, Ansell Strategic will unveil their findings, along with recommendations for change.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Our aim is to ensure all operators are equipped with the information they need to make an informed business decision in the new era of deregulated home care delivery.

A reminder that if you want to attend the National Retirement Living Summit to hear from Ansell Strategic and a wide variety of retirement living experts, you have less than a week to take advantage of early bird discounts. More information is at

This is a re-posted article by Mary Wood, Retirement Living Council Executive Director, Property Council of Australia. It originally appeared in the Retirement Living Council’s newsletter to its members. 

Programmed proudly supports the Property Council of Australia’s Retirement Living Manager of the Year Award.

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