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A Bold New Look for a Household Name

Oct 6, 2015

As a well-known brand in New Zealand, Plumbing World is the country’s largest, 100% locally owned national plumbing merchant.


Recently, the brand started to move away from its familiar purple colour scheme towards one with a bold black base in representation and reinforcement of its strong position in the market.

A major brand overall was required in order for Plumbing World to cement the new look. This affected all aspects of Plumbing World’s corporate identity to ensure their new brand was consistently and professionally projected throughout the country.

For each of their 40 retail sites, a full repaint and signage installation was required. Plus, there was the added complexity to consider with retail stores across the network possessing different layouts, sizes and building substrates.

Programmed were employed to carry out the rebrand rollout on behalf of Plumbing World. We ensured a seamless service that streamlined resources, a smooth work flow and close communication with our client. This was particularly crucial as we produced visual store-by-store manifestations of the new brand and obtained approval before any work could commence at each individual site.

With newly applied branding, Plumbing World stores now have a consistent look and feel across their entire New Zealand network showcasing their bold new look.

Additionally, with a customised maintenance plan, they’re also ensuring their brand is protected as the stores’ crisp, clean appearance is retained for years to come.

“Programmed have been fantastic to deal with on this project and have handled the project from start to finish in a very professional manner. We are now very proud of our new corporate identity, and our staff and customers agree.” Sarah Vining, Marketing Manager, Plumbing World.

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