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Carparks are NOT exciting but they are dangerous

Jun 16, 2020
Carparks – The unseen and quiet hidden hazards to revenue. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Next to playgrounds, carparks are probably the most often overlooked areas in terms of maintenance. They are probably not the most exciting aspect of a property, but they are essential. If neglected, they can be dangerous.

Carparks are found just about everywhere: shopping strips, malls, parks, schools, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, convention centres. The list goes on.

A well-designed, safe carpark ensures a complete positive experience from arrival to departure.

Here’s what you can do to achieve a safe carpark while preventing and protecting yourself as a carpark owner or manager from hefty fines and unwanted publicity.

Carpark Safety – It can change lives.

Any accident, minor or major, can change lives in a split second. Avoid contributing to them. At Programmed, we believe all incidents are preventable – if the correct safety and mitigating strategies are undertaken.

Minimise the risk of unwanted incidents through a duty of care that involves ensuring your carpark is well-maintained and equipped with proper safety features to reasonably prevent injury and harm.

Because, what can happen if you don’t?

Consider the following consequences businesses and organisations have been known to experience after a carpark accident:

  • Hefty fines, litigation and badly tarnished reputation as the result a serious injury.
  • Time lost dealing with insurance and legal battles
  • Time lost, reduced mobility and cost of managing car repairs
  • Increased insurance rates regardless of who was at fault for the accident
  • Intense emotional toll, higher chances of increased anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) not just for the victim, but potentially also for those directly responsible for managing the carpark.

And for victims?

  • Pain and suffering due to physical injury
  • Lost wages if the injuries prevent them from working temporarily or even permanently
  • In a worst-case scenario, loss of life.

Additionally, there are related after-effects on drivers, passengers, passers-by, families, employers, businesses, and the community.

Instead of waiting until an incident occurs to act, be proactive and instigate a safe carpark today.

Perhaps the time is now for that Carpark Safety Audit? Don’t put it off any longer.

Contact Programmed today.

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