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A Full Professional Repaint without the Corresponding Upfront Costs? Yes, You Can.

Jul 27, 2016

On-going painting maintenance keeps your building looking well-presented. Cost and affordability, however, can prevent this from being implemented. Yet, there are very good funding and maintenance options available to help you avoid the full costs upfront, even when getting specialists to professionally paint your entire building.

When considering a repaint, be this interior or exterior, look for a long-term painting maintenance solution that lets you complete as much work you’d like upfront, while allowing you to amortise the cost of these works over the agreed maintenance period so you don’t incur full costs immediately.

Instead, you tailor repayments to suit your budget, building this to align with an on-going preventative maintenance component. The maintenance service will ensure your building stays well-presented, and because you are able to have costs for both the repaint and maintenance broken down into smaller payments over time, you’ll better manage your budget and cash flow. This is useful when you have multiple maintenance requirements to commit to simultaneously, and also lets you sustain maintenance for longer periods.

Plus, no longer do you need to put off important maintenance tasks.  Surface preparation, building repair works as well as fixing broken down paint on windows and doors are all part and parcel of good painting maintenance. This delivers lasting, quality results able to extend asset life span and stave off expensive replacement costs.

In this way, your building consistently looks good, and you don’t have to wait until cracked, peeling paintwork prompts you to act. Often, delaying repairs until such a stage could end up more costly. Remedying the appearance of a building until after it starts to deteriorate will quite likely incur extensive preparation and costly substrate replacement costs prior to repainting.

This is particularly true where the cost of repair and replacement increases over time, and when the overall cost of a proactive maintenance programme presents a comparatively cheaper option. Especially if you take into consideration the ability to reduce ancillary intangible costs such as extended downtime and loss of facility use due to major reactive works, or loss of goodwill and image due to a lacklustre appearance.

Benefits of ongoing maintenance

Example of the benefits of ongoing Maintenance Painting vs. Ad Hoc. Based on level of appearance over 6 years.

Meanwhile, to retain that ‘as new’ look, annual pressure washing as part of the service removes dirt and grime. Where surfaces are soiled by time and weather, these will be repainted.

Engaging specialists in painting and maintenance like Programmed also gives you access to unique expertise, such as abseil painting teams who can paint high, difficult to access areas safely. You won’t have to hide your building’s façade’s behind scaffolds during a repaint. All associated risks are also managed on your behalf.

Don’t wait until you have a faded and dated building. Speak to the experts at Programmed today and see how a maintenance programme can be tailored to modernise your property’s appearance and keep it in good condition – without the upfront cost.

Also, see how Programmed has Four Ways to Make Maintenance Simple and Affordable.

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