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Cherrie Benson is Painting the Future

Jul 28, 2017

As an active participant in an industry where women comprise less than 25% of the construction, electrical and agriculture workforce (Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency), Programmed sees great opportunity.

The prospect of being able to facilitate change and, in doing so, instigate behavioural shift able to better the industry. In Programmed’s Managing Director, Chris Sutherland’s words, “A diverse team makes better decisions.”

We see this play out on a daily basis, where our teams, particularly trade teams – painters, gardeners, electricians – have benefited from having women form part of the crew. Including such diversity on site has helped us create a work environment that is more productive for its ability to harness the unique skills and capabilities women bring to the job and has avidly engaged employees. In turn, these improve outcomes.

Such evidence is a catalyst that serves to further our desire to lead workplace gender balance, especially in traditionally male-dominated trade roles. We want to evolve the status quo, seeking to do this through a goal to reach dual equality across our teams.

Speaking about our 50/50 target for gender balance, Programmed Property Services Executive General Manager, Terri Hosking, says, “An inclusion approach in all levels of our business is necessary to realise complete gender balance. Programmed aims to start with our internal behaviours and sequentially influence the actions of others across our business and society. Recruiting the best-equipped people for the job means selecting from the entire population, not just half.”

Terri invites companies, schools and individuals alike to join Programmed in seeing gender balance become an everyday reality.

Painter Cherrie Benson is proof that women can have a flourishing career in a trade. “I wanted more of a career so I got into painting,” Cherrie said, and in doing so, has derived immense job satisfaction. In fact Cherrie has found a way to fulfil her ambitions for a future involving the things she loves – art, creativity, paint and the outdoors.

Deeds rather than dialogue, track records instead of talk, are how Programmed would prefer to approach our gender balance initiatives. In this video, Cherrie tells how tangible it was that Programmed genuinely wanted more women on our trade teams. “The all-inclusiveness from everyone was second to none,” she says.

Programmed truly believes women hold up half the sky. Join us and #GoForChange

Do you believe you too would thrive in a trade role? Or do you know anyone who would like to explore trades as a career? Challenge yourself with a Programmed apprenticeship today. Our apprenticeships include training, upskilling, and professional qualifications as well as pathways to management roles.

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