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Green Tree-tment for a Healthier Brooklyn Community

Mar 21, 2022

Programmed are excited to be a part of an environmental project at our Greater Western Water depot in Melbourne's west.

Crown land behind Greater Western Water depot in Brooklyn, Melbourne.
The Crown land between the Greater Western Water Depot and Kororoit Creek

Programmed were excited to learn earlier this month that we will be a part of a new environmental project in Melbourne’s west. 

The Brooklyn West Urban Forest project aims to create a green corridor on Crown land that connects Lower Kororoit Creek and The Greening the Pipeline initiative at the Main Outfall Sewer pipeline reserve. 

Greater Western Water’s Brooklyn depot – the home of Programmed’s Greater Western Water team backs onto this area.

How is Programmed Contributing to the Project?

Forming part of the Greening the West regional initiative, these projects are a collaboration between stakeholders who are passionate about supporting community health, promoting livability, and increasing urban greening – particularly the number of trees. 

The Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek

The key supporters of this project have been the Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek (FOLKC) community group. FOLKC have been proactively campaigning to clean up and revegetate this land for the past year.

Since 2001, Geoff Mitchelmore OAM and the FOLKC team have been doing amazing restoration projects along the lower section of the creek, aiming to ‘protect and enhance the natural character of Kororoit Creek for future generations to use and enjoy.’

FOLKC Planting Projects

Over the years, thousands of volunteers have joined FOLKC in planting over 50,000 trees and shrubs along the creek, improving biodiversity and encouraging native flora and fauna migration.

Thanks to the hard work of the FOLKC volunteers, the area has transformed from an unsafe drainage reserve to a connected green space for the community to enjoy.

The Main Outfall Sewer Reserve

The heritage listed Main Outfall Sewer pipeline reserve runs between Brooklyn and Werribee. Home to the Federation Trail bike path, the reserve is popular with cyclists and walkers. The Greening the Pipeline initiative has transformed the reserve into parkland for the local community to enjoy.  

The project is a collaboration between Melbourne WaterGreater Western Water, Wyndham City Council, Department of Transport, and supported by Greening the West

Main Outfall Sewer Trail in Brooklyn, Melbourne
The Main Outfall Sewer Trail in Melbourne’s West
History of the Main Outfall Sewer

In the 1890’s Victoria undertook its largest civil engineering project yet, The Main Outfall Sewer. For almost 100 years, the pipeline transferred a majority of Melbourne’s sewage for treatment, significantly improving the health of Melbourne. 

In 2005 VicRoads built the Federation Trail. Much of the 27km trail follows the historic Main Outfall Sewer reserve land. 

Creating an Urban Forest

Programmed will work with the Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek, Brooklyn Residents Action Group, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, Brimbank City Council, Melbourne Water, Greater Western Water and Greening the West to clean up the area and plant new trees.

When established, the forest will filter out dust emissions from nearby industrial properties in the Brimbank Industrial Precinct and benefit the health and well-being of the Brooklyn residential community.

Plus, businesses in the industrial precinct will have a much nicer outlook when working outdoors. It’s an excellent outcome for everyone.

What’s Coming Up Next

By the end of 2024, there is hope that:

  • The Kororoit Creek environmental urban forest corridor will extend from the Bay in Altona to the Federation Trail in Brooklyn via the Brooklyn West Urban Forest.
  • The Kororoit Creek Shared bicycle walking trail between Altona and Caroline Springs Regional Park will be completed.
  • The Kororoit Creek Shared bicycle walking trail will connect with the Federation Trail to Werribee. It will also connect with Melbourne’s shared trail network via an above-ground Velaway in the CBD.

Congratulations to Geoff and the FOLKC, who lobbied to bring this idea to life over the past year. We can’t wait to see how this living project evolves in the years to come. 

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