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Think Global – Act Local

Jun 19, 2017

National companies have innate advantages over smaller state-based companies. They are often more established, with greater resources brought to bear on a project. But there are many more advantages in hiring larger companies to maintain your property.

One obvious advantage that a national business has over smaller, local competitors is size. A national business with a presence in various industries across different states can deliver savings through economies of scale due to greater buying power, and can provide services at a lower cost compared to local competitors. Paint, fertilisers, plants, and building materials can be procured at a lower cost. Higher quality materials can also be provided at lower cost using economies of scale.

Compliance standards are another key advantage to hiring a larger company. In a country in which the power to enact regulatory standards have traditionally been controlled by the states, complying with different sets of regulations and standards can be a challenge for a business with multiple sites. It can also be costly. According to a 2016 report by the Institute of Public Affairs, the cost of adhering to compliance regimes imposed by different state governments, as well as local government regulations, reached $180 billion across the economy. These costs come in the form of paperwork, retraining workers, and delayed production.

Because Programmed directly employs tradespeople in every state, they can manage the challenge of complying with the different state regulations involved in managing your various sites. It can also deliver savings through economy of scale in order to reduce the cost of these expenses, allowing customers to redirect their attention and resources towards expanding and building their businesses.

The financial strength inherent in a major company guarantees the continuity of a contract as well as financial stability for your business. Programmed employs the same local specialist over a sustained period of time, ensuring that you will benefit from the years of experience managing your facility. For businesses in regional locations such as isolated truck stops which may require maintenance or cleaning services, they can benefit from using the same local expertise without needing to train or induct new workers.

A national company also provides standardised safety and risk management processes across all of their employees and locations. From Western Australia to New South Wales, employees are trained to the same standards in safety and risk. Smaller companies may adhere to different safety standards depending on their location.

Materials and products are also standardised to the same quality and consistency across all sites. National companies requiring painting services across sites in multiple states will be painted in the same colours, using the same materials, and carried out to the same quality. This standardisation may be sacrificed when engaging multiple small companies in different states to conduct the work.

However, the materials used in a maintenance project can be sourced locally due to the company’s national footprint, reducing the cost and time involved in transporting the material to different sites around the country. Locally based delivery teams ensure quick turnarounds and timely response rates.

Another advantage of engaging a national business like Programmed is the single point of contact providing centralised coordination of the services provided. While businesses may require different services on various sites, all the requirements of the business are managed by a single point of contact within the company. Communication is simple, flexible and personal.

National companies are also more likely to possess specialist knowledge within their own organisation. This is an asset when encountering challenges that may be unique to a particular site, such as soil diseases, structural degradation, or harsh environmental conditions. Smaller companies may require outside expertise in these situations. A national business can also pool greater resources to complete a job within a shorter time frame, and is more likely to possess specialist equipment.

If you want local expertise and local experience when managing your facility with the experience and resources that a national company can bring, then contact Programmed Property Services.

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