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Product Watch – Epson Laser Projectors

Apr 4, 2016

The largest tradeshow for professional AV and electronic systems integration – ISE 2016, was held last month in Amsterdam showcasing the latest AV products and techniques. Of the many noteworthy new products released, our attention was drawn to Epson’s newest range of projectors – the Pro L-series.

Epson laser projector

Already the world’s leading projector brand, Epson’s new Pro-L Series integrates inorganic LCD panels and an inorganic phosphor wheel with a laser light source to produce the world’s first 3LCD projector with 25,000 lumens of white and colour brightness.

What makes this projector series different from others?

  • Image quality: Epson’s laser projectors can produce images with up to 25,000 lumens of white and colour brightness. This ensures high image quality throughout the life of the laser while the image quality in lamp based projectors grow dimmer towards the end of the lamps’ life.
  • Reliability: Using inorganic materials provides higher heat resistance and superior light efficiency; when combined with a laser projector this results in vibrant images with up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free usage. Lamp projectors may last anywhere from 1500-4000 hours before the lamp needs to be changed.
  • Flexibility: The new lineup of laser projectors from Epson features a variety of lens options, 360-degrees installation, stacking and portrait-mode projection which allows them to be used for multiple venues and applications.

Bruce Hore, Senior AV Integrator at Programmed, is excited about the new projectors from Epson. “Epson has always been of great quality and reasonable prices. With the introduction of their new laser projectors, it addresses the issues of lamp life and output power. Although the initial investment might be a bit higher than lamp projectors the total cost of ownership is lower. These laser projectors will be great for larger installations.”

The Epson Pro L-series will start shipping from mid to late 2016. For more information on what technology would suit your next AV project contact Programmed Electrical Technologies here.

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