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Creating Awareness Around Fire Safety

Jul 21, 2021

In partnership with ACT Fire and Rescue services and Housing ACT, Programmed held a Fire Safety Workshop for members of the public housing community.

ACT Fire Safety Day

In our recent series of community workshops for Housing ACT tenants, Programmed held a fire safety and prevention workshop in partnership with the ACT Fire and Rescue services.

Fire can be hazardous and if not contained quickly, can destroy property and even take lives. Public housing can be a very vulnerable environment. They are often multi-level and home to the elderly and our more vulnerable members of society. 

Therefore, creating awareness around fire safety and making changes around how we use certain items can help protect homes and the people living in them from fire.

Improving Overall Safety

In collaboration with ACT Fire and Rescue, Programmed ran a one-day workshop at Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation. The workshop covered the right way to use everyday household items that could potentially be . Items that could potentially be a fire hazard include:

  • Burning candles
  • Congested lint filters in dryers
  • Poorly maintained and misused heaters
  • Stockpiled rubbish and debris.

Putting Together a Fire Safety Plan

Responding quickly and effectively to fire can keep your loved ones safe and prevent damage to your home. A fire safety plan is essential for mapping out what to do in case of an emergency. The plan should include information such as, evacuation procedures and the location of fire protection equipment.

The second part of the workshop highlighted the importance of smoke alarm maintenance and fire safety equipment, such as fire blankets or extinguishers. Working smoke alarms increase the chances of your household and those around you surviving a house fire. This means the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms is a priority.

Safety is paramount at Programmed. We are committed to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of everyone in the environments and communities where we work.

We look forward to hosting more community safety workshops in the future.

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