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Programmed commemorates Chef Appreciation Week

Sep 26, 2023

For Chef Appreciation Week, Programmed recognised our valued staff across our different sites in Western Australia.

Featuring Programmed’s Catering Team at the Woodside Gas Plant

The Catering Team at the Karattha Gas Plant

The Catering Team at the Karattha Gas Plant is currently in their final major turnaround for the year, and the numbers are impressive. To date, they’ve prepared and served a remarkable 6,550 fruit salads, 5,040 sandwiches, and 3,113 salads. And there are still two more weeks to go!

This dedicated team manages the turnaround meals for six different on-site locations and continues their usual operations at the Retro Café. In celebration of Chef Appreciation Week, we are proud to shine a spotlight on the exceptional work of our team members involved in this operation, including Vicki, Olga, Jenna, Aerial, Lorrae, and Pam. Their unwavering dedication ensures that we can consistently provide our employees with a variety of high-quality foods, enabling them to sustain their 12-hour shifts on-site.

We are truly grateful for their commitment to delivering this essential service to our contract. A hearty round of applause to all of you for a job well done!

Get to know Programmed’s Head Chef Pam Boltier in Karratha – Woodside Gas Plant Team

Programmed Head Chef Pam Boltier, working on our Woodside Partnership

In the spirit of Chef Appreciation Week, Programmed would like to acknowledge the fantastic work our Catering Team is doing in Karratha on the Woodside contract. Head Chef Pam Boltier has been a Chef for 20 years, catering most of her career in London, England. Pam left England 7 years ago, returned to her beautiful country, South Africa, and opened a catering company.

Unfortunately, Covid ended this journey, and Pam returned to England. Pam then had the opportunity to come to Perth and work for Programmed at the Woodside Gas Plant.

As Pam says, “It is a dream come true, working with other passionate staff and cooking different kinds of food that are my favourite to cook, allowing my creativity to flow through to create that wow factor, is something I pride myself in. Being at the Gas plant has taught me that everyone is someone, not just a number. I feel I am a part of a team and someone really special. Every day, I am learning something new and bringing all my experiences to the table for my team to get inspiration from. I look forward to growing within my role as the Chef for Woodside Gas Plant.”

We Celebrate Head Chefs Waffee El Jazzar & Nimesh Patel at 29Metals Golden Grove Site

Programmed Facility Management (PFM) is proud to acknowledge the Catering Team at 29Metals’ Golden Grove site in Western Australia, who consistently provide a variety of nutritious and delicious meals to the team on site. From traditional hearty meals to plant-based options, poke bowls to our favourite fish and chips – balancing nutritional requirements against taste. This standard could not be achieved without the experience and dedication of our Head Chefs, Nimesh Patel and Waffee El Jazzar.

First photo: Nimesh Patel & Waffe El Jazzar | Second photo from left to right: Nimesh Patel (Head Chef) Gregor Lux (Line Chef), Arnie Patam (Line Chef), Zak Merrill (Line Chef), Rupert Orillaneda (Utility) Zoe Wang (Utility), Waffe El Jazzar (Head Chef), Joshua Harding (Utility)

Head Chef Waffee, who previously worked at the Epicurean in Burswood, has a cooking style infused with a Middle Eastern flair, drawing on his creativity from his roots and, of course, the tips and tricks learnt from his mother – “She is the reason why cooking today is my hobby.” Waffe enjoys working at the Golden Grove Mine site as it offers a multicultural environment and a great work-life balance.

Nimesh, is our Head Chef from India who has been working as a Chef for the past nine years. Despite his Indian background, Nimesh specialises in Italian cuisine, infusing his dishes with a delightful blend of flavours from both cultures. Nimesh’s fascination with Italian cooking began with his love for the bold and diverse tastes of the Mediterranean. His passion lies in recreating the traditional flavours of Italy, using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. Creative cooking is Nimesh’s true calling. He finds immense joy in providing his hardworking colleagues with delicious meals that bring comfort and satisfaction amidst their demanding work schedules.

Together, Nimesh and Waffe understand the importance of good food in boosting morale and creating a sense of community among the residents. Despite being away from home, the combined cooking styles have helped create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the mine site. Taking pride in their ability to bring people together through the shared experience of enjoying a flavourful and satisfying meal.

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