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Parramatta, NSW

Project Description

Aon engaged Programmed to design, supply and install signage for their corporate office in Parramatta. They required four LED-illuminated sky signs – one for each side of the building’s façade, as well as additional ground level signage.

As part of this project, Programmed was further entrusted with ensuring all council and statutory requirements were met and complied with.

Project Solution

Leveraging on years of wide and varied corporate imaging experience and expertise, Programmed recommended various improvements to the sky sign’s structure and design for an eventual beacon-like quality with bright, unobstructed visibility.

Initial works began with an exploration spanning a 3km radius to determine each sky sign’s placement and visibility. This research established that the office was partially blocked by a neighbouring building. Taking into consideration the building’s architecture, and that of surrounding structures, Programmed recommended positioning one of the sky signs on an elevation to the right instead of centred. As a result, each sky sign can be clearly seen, even from as far off as Constitution Hill (some 6 – 8kms away).

Programmed also made recommendations on the sky signs’ design. Our Corporate Imaging team suggested using internal steel support structures, diminishing the need for horizontal bars commonly seen on sky signage, which would result in a neater presentation.

Additionally, the use of oversized custom sheets to avoid joints in the faces was recommended. This recommendation not only enhanced the aesthetics; it minimised future maintenance because the signage was completely protected from rain, dirt and vermin.

Programmed ensured that all of the materials used were of the highest quality. Top-of-line LEDs were specified, as these provided each sky sign with optimal illumination.

Project Outcome

Aon’s sky signs were safety installed by Programmed’s specialist team over a four week period. The initial research and design recommendations proved to be crucial in the success of this project.

Services we delivered
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