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Greater Western Water

Victoria & Tasmania

Key Points 

  • Programmed reviewed our service delivery for Greater Western Water to identify to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and quality 
  • An opportunity was identified to insource the delivery of traffic management services which was subsequently implemented 
  • This initiative has delivered savings to Greater Western Water and Programmed plans to expand the insourcing of this service to further increase savings 


Programmed continuously reviews our operations to identify ways we can improve the quality and efficiency of the services we deliver. We are also committed to developing a diverse workforce and providing stable work and career opportunities for our employees. As part of our continuous improvement approach Programmed conducted a review of traffic management spend for Greater Western Water and identified that partially insourcing this service would deliver savings. 


Programmed’s management team for Greater Western Water estimated that four teams comprising of two traffic management staff and a vehicle would save approximately $160,000 per annum. We put this proposal to Greater Western Water and subsequently hired, trained and mobilised four teams. 

The Programmed traffic management crews are approximately 30% cheaper to use than subcontractors resulting in a direct saving for Greater Western Water. The success of the initiative means that Programmed now plans to introduce a further four crews to the contract to deliver further savings for the customer.  

The responsiveness of the work means that a blended solution of in-house and contractors is optimal. 


To date the introduction of in-house traffic management crews has delivered savings to Greater Western Water and this is expected to increase with the addition of four new crews. 

Apart from cost savings the in-house teams have also improved response and completion times, improved availability of traffic management and further demonstrated our commitment to innovation for this long-term customer. This innovation was an award winner within Programmed and a great example of where we have chosen to self-deliver a non-core service to drive additional value to the customer. 

Other benefits include the provision of stable full time employment to these staff. A career in traffic management offers staff flexibility and the opportunity to be involved in the development of traffic risk management plans. It is also work which attracts and enables Programmed to employ a diverse range of candidates. 

Services we delivered
  • Asset Management
  • Facility Management
  • Programmed Staffing Services

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