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Martha Cove

Mount Martha, VIC

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Martha Cove is a waterfront strata community located in Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula. The picturesque site integrates a boat harbour with direct water access to Port Phillip Bay, beautiful parks and walkways encompassing a pleasant residential living environment.

Project Description

Martha Cove’s marina location and harbour side residences boast stunningly incredible views. However, these mean a constant exposure to sea water, salt and wind, leaving these properties with a build-up of mould and corrosion on the paint works. Compounded by the fact that the only painting works carried out on the site were done as part of the original construction 10 years ago, corrosion and deterioration of the painted surfaces were significantly amplified. Painting maintenance on Martha Cove’s four harbour side residential blocks was not only imperative but also urgently required. Programmed were called in to re-instate the exterior of the four buildings by the Martha Cove Facility Manager, Lee Walker, who through previous work knew of Programmed’s capabilities.

Project Solution

Martha Cove’s waterfront location is key to its allure and prestige. Environmental awareness is thus high on the list for residents and staff at Martha Cove. Any work undertaken for Martha Cove needed to support and protect the ecology of the site and its surrounds. So when Programmed got involved, we made certain all measures were taken to ensure environmental standards were met during the entire project.

This included ensuring that runoff waste from pressure washing as part of surface preparation works to remove mould, rust and corrosion pair was strictly contained so it neither entered nor damaged the existing riparian site and waterways. Additionally, meticulous attention to paint residue management, its complete removal from the site and careful application of primer and paint to ensure these did not enter or affect the site and water enabled us to deliver a quality outcome that was environmentally safe.

To further minimise any impact on the environment, all paint used was low in Volatile Organic Compounds and chosen for their long term durability to protect the site for as long as possible.

Another challenge to the works was around access as these sites and surfaces were perched close to the coast. Multiple access methods were utilised to maintain safe work throughout the project. Where permitted, standard scaffolding and platforms gave Programmed’s painting team stability on the ground while specialised abseil painters were called in to tackle the hard to reach elevations that had proximity to the water. The safety of Programmed’s staff was never compromised by utilising this combination of access procedures, while adhering to the environmentally-friendly practices of the painting works.

Project Outcome

Programmed received positive feedback from residents, the Owners Corporation that manages the site, and the Facility Manager, who was thoroughly satisfied with the outcome—in particular the measures taken by Programmed to meet the environmental expectations and standards. In addition to enhancing the allure,
appearance and rendered beauty of these coastal homes, building asset lifespan is now prolonged and will continue to be protected in the coming years.

Project completion presented Programmed with a fantastic opportunity being awarded the winner at the 2017 Master Painters Awards For Excellence in the Enviropainter Project category.

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