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Ocean Reach Apartments, QLD

Parrearra, QLD

"We were very impressed with the respect, consideration and expertise the Programmed team executed. They provided extra value, going the extra mile, undertaking tasks not within the scope."

Rossina Gall, Property Manager
Ocean Reach Apartments

Project Description

Built in 2010, the resort-style Ocean Reach Apartments was in need of a full refresh. This property is located near the ocean and some salt exposure had caused the exterior paint to fade, peel and chip over time, particularly on one side of the building.

As a result, the committee wanted to restore the apartments’ appeal via an exterior repaint. Maintenance work was also required to return the property to a quality condition.

Project Solution

The Programmed team put forward a detailed maintenance plan. We worked with the customer to identify the works required and prioritise their implementation by taking into account their urgency and the condition of the building or substrate.

Of priority was the apartment complex’s exterior paintwork which was losing its lustre. If left unattended, this could lead to the painted surfaces being exposed to harsh weather elements and corrosion. Recommending these works to be completed ensured Ocean Reach Apartments safeguarded their building, avoiding costly repairs and rectifications in the long-term. Other works such as a biannual revarnishing of timber decking as part of the long-term maintenance plan, would further ensure these assets looked excellent over the years.

In utilising rope access to carry out the repaint, Programmed helped the customer avoid the need for more expensive scaffolds or cherry pickers. Rope access is also less noisy, meaning the Programmed team could keep disruption to a minimum.

As the project commenced during the COVID-19 pandemic, many residents were home when aspects of the works occurred. In addition to COVID-safe work practices, Programmed provided Ocean Reach Apartments’ management current records showing that all on-site Programmed staff had successfully cleared their national criminal checks. This gave assurance and confidence to the apartment’s management team and residents as it was necessary for the team to enter these private residences to paint their balconies. Constant communication and updates kept residents well-informed of the length and timing of works.

The work was carried out smoothly and efficiently. Despite high occupancy levels, Programmed made certain that residents could go about their daily lives with minimal disruption and inconvenience. The quality repaint significantly transformed the building and refreshed its presentation.

Project Outcome

The Programmed team were praised for the tidiness of their execution. Previously, other contractors had failed to clean up after completion of their projects and left paint on tiles and walls. Programmed went the extra mile to clean off this old paint and delivered the complex in pristine condition.

Ocean Reach Apartments’ management, Body Corporate committee and residents were extremely pleased with the consideration Programmed demonstrated and the steps taken to instil confidence.

There are over 200 occupants and guests who enjoy the newly painted Ocean Reach buildings and facilities. There is nothing but positive accolade for the Programmed team and the result they achieved during a considerably difficult time, COVID.

They are also elated by the fresh, modern appeal of the now rejuvenated Ocean Reach Apartments.

“We were very impressed with the respect, consideration and expertise the Programmed team executed. The standard of the repaint and maintenance works was excellent,” said Rossina Gall, Property Manager, Ocean Reach Apartments.

“Programmed provided extra value, going the extra mile, undertaking tasks not within the scope. The attention to detail has made a good project great. Their daily communication from the foreperson and project manager and site visits by the branch manager showed they cared.”

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