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Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Jul 14, 2022

Programmed recently partnered with the Australian Red Cross to help find suitable employment for 5,000+ Ukrainian refugees who are anticipated to land in Australia over the coming months.


The Red Cross is expecting thousands of refugees with full working rights to arrive in Australia later this year. They will all be coming with skills that can be used across Programmed’s business in delivering services to its varied customer base.

‘’Both organisations offer excellent support in terms of initial placement as well as post-placement support. Many individuals have unfortunately experienced significant trauma over the past six months, so the support provided by the Red Cross to assist is invaluable. This is about giving these people, who been through so much, an opportunity to live and work in Australia and have a fresh start,’’ said Beth Milburn, HR Projects Specialist at Programmed.

‘’We are putting together a job card for Programmed’s state and territory teams across Australia and New Zealand to find suitable jobs for the incoming refugees. The roles include but are not limited to Plumbers, Electricians, Fitters, Painters, Cleaners, General Labour, Horticulture and Landscaping,’’ said Beth.

The Way Forward

Programmed and the Red Cross are partnering to provide opportunities for Ukrainian refugees. Through both organisations extensive network of partners, families will be matched up with suitable job opportunities.

Difference Makers

Learn more about the support services Australian Red Cross offers to refugees, people seeking asylum and people in immigration detention also how you can directly contribute to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Migration Support Programs

Help For Refugees

We are also exploring other avenues to work with Australian Red Cross through their different programs and how we can partner further with them through their various employer networks.

At Programmed, we are passionate about providing people from all walks of life with employment, growth, and development opportunities where they can feel welcomed, safe, and included.

More to come on this story.

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