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Tenant BBQ at Housing ACT Complex: A Success Story of Community Building

May 15, 2024

Programmed is proud to support a tenant-led BBQ at a Housing ACT complex. The tenants come together to arrange these BBQs and are passionate about creating a community that supports each other. This is now the fourth BBQ at the complex, with two late last year and two this year.

The event held on March 2024, was attended by tenants, Programmed staff, and guests, including ACT Government Ministers.

Housing ACT is supportive of these days and see the benefits to the tenants each time. The gathering successfully created a positive and supportive atmosphere, fostered social connections, and celebrated diversity and achievements.

Woolworths donate food, and the local Cheesecake Factory donates cakes to celebrate birthdays. This is a beautiful example of the local community supporting each other to build a stronger community.

We also celebrated the birthday of our incredible Compliance & Engagement Manager, Sharron, and one of the tenants at the complex, shown here cutting the cake. Sharron always attends and is happy to support such a great event.

Penny, our operations delivery manager, has also been in attendance since joining the Canberra Programmed team and always cooks with a smile. And we never want to underestimate the amazing Sangita, our team’s administration assistant, who does it all and supports all these events.

Left to right: Sangita, Gregory, Sharron and Penny.

Tenants, HACT Staff, Programmed Staff, and ministers from different political parties.

“Each time these events are on, more tenants venture out to say hello as the aroma of the BBQ fills the air. It’s terrific to watch tenants meeting ministers and enjoying some food in a courtyard full of optimism for successful futures for these wonderful tenants.”

Gregory Lackey, Social Inclusion Manager at Programmed

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