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The best approach when wanting to reduce maintenance spend

Nov 12, 2020
As schools face some uncertainty in this new “COVID Normal” environment, they may find themselves asking how maintenance can continue or even if it should.

Maintenance may have been placed on a back burner during these unusual times, and if so it’s time to get back on track – and avoid extreme repair costs in the future.

Rather than cut costs and cancel maintenance in a scramble to reduce spend – Programmed can help schools find flexible and affordable means of implementing maintenance. We work with schools during difficult times to ensure preventative maintenance can continue and avoid large future expenses in the long run.

Programmed has seen many schools realise success in adopting a planned approach to maintenance. This helps schools present themselves to the level they desire but without the associated financial pressures.

How to utilise maintenance funds efficiently

While some schools can find funds through government initiatives, grants or enrolments – many are self-funded.

Investing in the preservation of school assets, is an intelligent long-term decision to enhance marketability for funding and grants, drive enrolment and strengthen your school’s reputation.

During periods where only self-funding is available, schools can still achieve the level of maintenance they require by opting for a customised programme.

Schools can sit-down with our school specialists, look at each asset and its requirements to maintain the school at a cost that is suitable and achievable for the school’s budget at that time.

The benefits of a Tailored Maintenance Programme

On-going Maintenance

  • Schools can achieve works upfront for immediate aesthetic impact with payments spread over several years. Annual maintenance service retains the presentation of key areas as part of the programme.

Flexible Payments

  • Allowing schools to amortise costs and maintenance programme duration to suit the school’s finances and circumstances. This allows schools to budget with confidence through known annual costs. During uncertain times or lower enrolment periods, programmes may be adjusted for reduced payments spread across a longer period.

Premium Presentation and Preservation

  • Appearances and aesthetics that influence appeal and marketability are sustained over a longer period. Annual services maintain the presentation of the school’s high-profile areas, such as front exterior elevations and main entrances, as well as high traffic areas such as corridors and stairwells.

  • A cohesively presented school can portray an image as an excellent provider of education with stunning gardens and grounds to match.

Site Consistency

  • Site presentation unequivocally equals impression. Through maintenance, all school assets and buildings will be equally presented; with new builds maintained and older ones brought up to par. Maintenance is always relevant, with works tailored to the condition of individual buildings and assets.

The Costs of NOT Maintaining Your School – Preventative vs. Reactive Maintenance

While it’s easy to see maintenance as a once-every-ten-years requirement, many schools find preventive maintenance to be more cost effective than reactive.

We know it’s important to fix things as soon as they break. But it’s easy to delay maintenance – especially regarding new assets. However, to ensure warranties don’t become void, many assets require regular care over their life-cycle.  A pro-active approach to maintenance ensures your staff resources aren’t constantly in firefighting mode and reduces down-time of essential school buildings. 

Where schools don’t necessarily have the expertise or time to think about property maintenance, they can engage experts such as Programmed.

 As specialists, we will deliver well-presented educational sites and buildings, aligning these with your needs, requirements and budgets so that maintenance frees, rather than impedes, you; allowing you to better focus on educating your students.

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