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The Salvation Army extends partnership with Programmed Facility Management

Apr 2, 2024

Programmed Facility Management has been servicing The Salvation Army for four years, and the initial contract has been extended.

Across Australia, the Salvation Army brings hope and compassion to people who need it the most. As a church and charity, their work supports the welfare of people and those who may be experiencing hardship.

We currently provide a collaborative partnership approach with our partner that brings the roles of both organisations together to deliver an integrated and seamless facility/contract management service. 

We do contractor management, planning, coordination, and delivery of planned and reactive maintenance to over 3500 of The Salvation Army’s properties nationally, allowing The Salvation Army Property Group personnel to focus on assessing the organisation’s needs and managing internal client relationships. Moreover, we ensure workplace, health, and safety risks are managed through remedial maintenance work as well as the improvement of the safety of all personnel. In fact, to date, we have processed over 60 thousand Work Orders across Australia.

Part of our service was working with existing TSA (The Salvation Army) Contractors to ensure regulatory compliance and introducing new Contractors potentially from Programmed’s broad network of other accounts.

John Zanin, Programmed Facility Management’s National Operations Manager, shares, “Personally, working on this partnership has opened my eyes to the huge volume of great work The Salvation Army does daily to assist people. In addition to the day-to-day work we do, giving back, in some small way, to assist those in need and vulnerable within our community is very rewarding. The team and I have been involved in numerous not-for-profit TSA projects by The Salvation Army and Working Bee, whereby we give up our time to assist and encourage our contractors to do the same”.

In photo: Working Bee initiative arranged by The Salvation Army that Programmed’s New South Wales Operations Manager attended along with the rest of their partners back in March 2023 at the The Salvation Army Moyne Aged Care facility

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