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Tips for choosing the right support worker

Feb 28, 2020

Choosing a support worker for you or a loved one is an important aspect of receiving care at home.  

The support worker you choose will become part of your everyday life; from helping you at home, getting to know your family and friends, through to helping care for your pets.

The best place to start is by reflecting on the things that matter to you and what kind of support you’d like from your care team.

Shared values and interests

You should feel comfortable with your support worker and shared interests and hobbies can be great things to talk about when spending time together. It’s also important that your support worker can meet your cultural and linguistic needs, while also showing sensitivity towards the things that are important to you.

Availability that matches your support needs

People receiving home care services often express a need for consistency of personnel. A familiar face is a welcome sight for many and the familiarity avoids feeling like you have strangers on your doorstep wanting to enter your home. So, ask questions about your support worker’s availability and check that it matches your needs and your lifestyle.

Qualifications and experience

Your support worker should have the right qualifications and experience relevant to the home care services you require.

For example, Personal Carers should hold a Certificate 3 in either Aged Care or Home and Community Care. Staff must also have a minimum of 6-12 months experience in a similar role.

Input from family and friends

It can be useful to chat with your family and friends about any concerns or reservations before choosing your support worker. After all, the aim is for you to receive the best possible outcome, while also ensuring all your needs are met.

When first meeting with your provider, be sure to ask lots of questions. The more engaged you are in the process, the greater the likelihood of finding the perfect support worker for you.

If you or a loved one is in need of immediate support at home, or would like assistance applying for a home care program, contact the Programmed Care team today on:

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