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Truly Portable Video Conferencing?

Oct 2, 2014

‘Portable’ video conferencing systems traditionally took the form of heavy 6ft trolleys carrying a large screen and associated hardware. Users had to cart these around to each location where it was needed, while possibly posing a health and safety risk in the process. However, recent technological advancements in portable video conferencing systems are making these systems obsolete. We look at one particular product and review how this could make a difference in today’s classrooms.

Portable Video Conferencing

In recent years, the emergence of new technologies has transformed the traditional learning environment. In particular, video conferencing is being utilised by an increasing number of institutions as it allows students and teachers to connect and collaborate with other classrooms, teachers and experts situated anywhere in the world.

There isn’t much doubt that video conferencing can play a role in stimulating a child’s interest in a subject, as well as greatly enhancing their learning experience – but all this comes at a cost. A fully-fledged video conferencing system can be expensive. An alternative to this are the new portable video conferencing systems that have come onto the market. In particular, we review the new TelyPro system.

–          Costs around a third of traditional full systems.
–          Truly portable in that it can be carried with one hand and easily moved to where it is needed.
–          Inbuilt microphone so it only needs a screen to create a video conferencing environment.
–          Can be used with free services such as Skype.

–          It’s not meant to replace a full video conferencing system, but merely to act as a supplementary system.

We recommend the Telypro system if you’re looking to introduce video conferencing into some of your classes, or looking to replace that heavy AV trolley. The system is easily carried to different locations when needed and setup’s reasonably straight forward.

However, if you’re looking for a much more extensive system, for instance, video conferencing capabilities in every classroom, then this product won’t really suit and you’ll have to look at a full video conferencing system.

If you need any further information on what type of video conferencing system would suit your school, Programmed Electrical Technologies can help – contact us here.

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