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Welcome Abbey Laird! Programmed’s Newest First-Year Mechanical Apprentice

Feb 28, 2024

Despite some initial nerves about entering the field, Abbey Laird – a first-year mechanical apprentice with Programmed – has been fully supported to thrive!

The diversity of the role and the opportunities to explore new environments and industries are setting Abbey up for an incredible future.

There’s a lot more to fitting and turning than you might realise! In collaboration with Explore Careers, we conducted an interview with Abbey about her journey as a mechanical apprentice at Melbourne Water.

Hear from Abbey and discover:

  • How Abbey started her career at Programmed in an entry role.
  • How this opened up the door to their apprenticeship program – and her next career steps!
  • What Abbey loves about her role and how no two days are the same.
  • What sets Programmed apart, and why does their apprentice program equip you with the technical and professional skills to succeed?
  • How Abbey is supported as a young woman in a male-dominated field and feels fully included and valued by her peers.
  • How apprentices are supported to grow and thrive!

Abbey’s story showcases that being an apprentice is not just a job but an adventure filled with learning opportunities and personal development. It’s a chance to step out of the traditional office setting and into a world of hands-on experience.

Make sure you give this chat a watch.

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Along your journey with Programmed, you will develop new skills, meet innovative people and encounter experiences that will take your career to the heights and places you want to go.

With hard work and dedication, your career can grow like our organisation has – in giant strides. If you can imagine it, Programmed can help prepare you for it.

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