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Bee Heroes to the rescue!

Nov 30, 2022

Programmed together with Sydney Water, put the cape on and became heroes by saving a huge beehive out of a tree next to an administration building.

The unfortunate bees were in very poor condition as they were attacked by “Varroa mites”, a parasite mite that attacks and feeds on the honeybees. Some of the poor bees were not able to fly and were starving.

Luckily, Facility Management Coordinator Brett Lewis made up a plan and together with Precision Pest Control was able to find a new and better home for the bees where they could continue their bee duties safely.

You could be wondering… how could relocating a whole colony of bees be that easy?

Well, as you know, bees follow their queen everywhere, so the queen bee was extracted into a hive box, after this box was moved, the worker’s bees flew or walked into the hive box and were transferred to a quarantined area (How amazing is that?).

Offending hive
The obedient bees moving into the hive box
Home sweet home!

Congratulations to the Programmed team for this incredible work! Our teams truly do look to grow the communities we serve, no matter the size of the community.

Remember… Keep it Sweet. Save the Bees!

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