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Building Stronger Communities: Programmed’s Trade for a Day Social Inclusion Program in Action

Dec 6, 2023

Programmed hosted another successful ‘Trade for a Day’ event as part of their Social Inclusion Program, which aims to foster community engagement with tenants, vendors, and Programmed team members.

The event took place at Boddington Crescent, Kambah ACT, a complex for elderly residents consisting of 47 units.

In the morning, tradespeople went door-to-door to replace all ceiling lighting with energy-efficient LED lights as part of the program’s focus on energy efficiency. They also serviced the air conditioners and installed a pergola roof in the community house, providing a space for residents to enjoy sunny afternoons.

At noon, a BBQ was held for all tenants, tradespeople, Programmed team members, and even the ACT Fire Emergency department, who arrived in a fire engine, which was a great highlight of the day and conducted a safety talk. Additionally, a representative from The Department of Aging was present to assist tenants with any questions or concerns. This allowed everyone to enjoy food and socialise on this great community day.

Throughout the day, a group of students from a local high school had the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the life of a tradesperson. They shadowed experienced tradesmen, gaining valuable hands-on experience and knowledge. Residents were happy to have their properties repaired and even more content to participate in the community event and connect with others.

The tradespeople worked until 4 pm, and any unfinished tasks will be completed in the following weeks.

It was the greatest day ever. The weather was perfect, great food. Community spirit was in the air, and we had a fire engine. I asked one of the residences how they were enjoying the day and they said that half the tenants that were at the BBQ don’t usually come out of their units, this was the highlight for me as this is what this event is fundamentally about; to bring people together and build a stronger community.”-  Greg Lackey, Social Inclusion Manager

One of the tenants said, “There are so many tenants out enjoying the BBQ and talking with others that never come out of their units.”

The Power of Helping Each Other

One of the purposes of choosing aged-person units for such a program is because often elderly tenants do not reach out to the maintenance call center for assistance, even when needed. This event allowed Programmed and its vendors to proactively connect with tenants and address any maintenance issues.

This is just one example of how Programmed incorporates social inclusion into their contracts and encourages customers and communities to connect. Our goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment that strengthens and supports the customers and communities we serve.

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