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Corporate Signage – It Can Make or Break Your Brand

Aug 26, 2015

Take a quick look around on any street in any city and chances are there will be a world signs of varying shapes and sizes adorning buildings and walls. Maybe it is a sign that has caught your attention before. Or maybe you’ve walked past it hundreds of times without even noticing.

corporate signage

That’s the thing about signs.

Good signage is one of the most effective ways for businesses to catch a person’s attention and promote their brand. Bad signage can go completely ignored, or worse still be totally unappealing and uninviting.

So whether you are a small business or multinational, retail space or corporate headquarters, professional signage for both brand awareness as well as brand perception is vital to success.

But what really makes for effective corporate signage?

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as merely slapping a logo onto a sign. Of course the logo is the “face” of your company, and will generally feature prominently on any sign.

So if hours and hours of brainstorming as well as a lot of dollars have gone into creating your logo, surely a few more hours and a couple more dollars can be spent on making sure it is displayed in a manner that complements the original goals of your logo.

There are a range of considerations that need to be made to ensure the sign reflects the image your wish to portray, and grabs the level of attention you desire.

For example: the material used. Timber signage can exude a warmth and elegance that many brands desire. But in the wrong location it can also be susceptible to weather, requiring constant maintenance and upkeep.

Colour or black and white? Black and white can provide a sleek and contemporary look. On the other hand, multiple colours are more effective at catching the eye of passers-by. What about background colour? Or border colour?

The shape can trigger different reactions in people, for example a triangles, the shape of so many warning signs, can elicit a sense of fear and danger.

To neon or to not neon? They can provide high visibility at all hours of the day or night, however done wrong can end up looking cheap and kitsch.

With so many variables to be considered it is no wonder that your corporate sign could either become something invaluable to your brand, or it could become just another sign which no one notices.

For effective and powerful signage, it is vital to employ an experienced company that specialising in making it easy for your brand to stand out.

Programmed Property Services have over 60 years’ experience helping some of Australasia’s most iconic brands create stunning corporate signage. Programmed Property Services can manage the entire project on your behalf, from initial concept design, installation, through to ongoing maintenance. Click here to find out more.

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