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Introducing Steven Chu: Director of Programmed Building Services

Jan 16, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce Steven Chu, who has become an integral asset of the Programmed Building Services (PBS) team.  Steven has swiftly risen through the ranks with an impressive journey at Programmed. He earned the position of Director in less than a year, after starting as the Principal Architect.

Steven’s passion for architecture was nurtured at RMIT University, where he refined his skills under the guidance of his late mentor, the renowned and AIA Gold Medal winning Australian Architect, Peter Corrigan. This invaluable guidance instilled in Steven a deep appreciation for the art of architecture and a relentless pursuit of ideas, meaning and excellence.

Prior to joining Programmed, Steven gained more than a decade of experience on a diverse range of project types, achieving industry design awards, including State and Federal Government funded hospitals, high-density and medium-density residential developments, educational and research facilities, cultural redevelopments, single dwellings for private clients, and pro-bono work in the humanitarian sector.  In addition to being an architect, Steven is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to self-start a business in Fitzroy North in Melbourne, managing a community of 16 disciplinary members and achieving operational profitability within 3 years. Simultaneously, he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience as a respected educator and has taught at prestigious institutions such as RMIT University and the esteemed Melbourne School of Design since 2018.

Fueled by his passion for community-centric projects, Steven initiated a career pivot from private practice residential work to a role that empowered him to make a meaningful and positive impact on society, which led him to Programmed Building Services.

His unwavering dedication to creating spaces that truly mattered led him to work on libraries, public schools, kindergartens, and other community-based projects. By leveraging his extensive leadership experience, Steven aims to deliver tangible improvements that would enhance the lives of individuals and inspire future generations. As an architect, Steven understands the profound role he plays in curating the built environment with a unique ability to envision a future that does not yet exist.

Currently, Steven leads several projects in collaboration with the City of Casey, the largest local government municipality in Victoria. From community pools to libraries, kindergartens, and community pavilions, each project presents its own set of challenges and opportunities.

As the Principal Architect and Director, Steven’s role extends beyond design; he is a driving force of ideas and the implementation of efficient systems, quality control processes, and mentorship programs. By nurturing his team and instilling a culture of excellence, he ensures that PBS architectural services continually surpass expectations. Yet, Steven’s journey is not without its obstacles. Overcoming challenges requires unwavering focus and a steadfast commitment to purpose. By remaining true to his mission, Steven has successfully guided customers towards a deeper appreciation of good design, differentiating between what constitutes exceptional architecture and what falls short.

“As architects, our role is to curate the built environment and showcase what the future can look like. We possess the unique ability to envision a future that does not yet exist and effectively communicate it through drawings, words, and designs to turn it into reality. Architecture is not limited to buildings, production of drawings, and selection of materials; We lead with ideas to imagine and shape the world of tomorrow. This is why I am passionate about what I do.”

Steven Chu, Director of Programmed Building Services.

Steven Chu’s journey within Programmed Building Services (PBS) is a testament to his unwavering dedication, exceptional talent, and passion for architecture. With a visionary mindset and the ability to communicate future possibilities, Steven guides our customers towards a deeper appreciation of architecture, embodying the essence of an architect who shapes and transforms the future.

To learn more about the architecture services offered by Programmed Building Services, please click here.

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