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May 25, 2020

Brodie Doolan, recently completed his Diploma in Facility Management. He shares how Programmed supported him on this journey.

In the continuous growth of our people, Programmed is proud of Brodie Doolan, Maintenance Planner and Scheduler at the Hopkins Correctional Centre in Ararat, for completing a diploma in Facilities Management through the Programmed Learning Library. The diploma is created in partnership with UNE Partnerships and the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA).

Brodie Doolan

We caught up with Brodie, to hear all about it.

Brodie, what made you decide to do the course?

Well, I wanted to increase my knowledge around Facility Management and all that encompassed, so I decided on the Diploma in Facilities Management as it provided the opportunity to study part-time, and increase my knowledge of a field I want to advance in. Subjects that I found interesting were budgeting, showing lifecycle management of an asset, and planning for future costings. It also covered the maintenance plan of assets and how it all played into each other, along with learning how to engage stakeholders successfully. I could see the practical implications of this as I worked on-site.

How did you find the time to study and work?

Yes, that was a juggle (said with a laugh). A real balance, that’s for sure. At the start, I blocked out time at night to do my studies, which was good, but it did get more challenging as the course went on. But I’d made such progress at the start, I didn’t want to waste it, so I pushed on, and over the past nine months, I was sure to get my study time in. And it’s paid off.

How do you feel this course has helped you in your current role and any future roles?

I will say, the best part of this whole process has been the networking I’ve been able to do across Programmed. Getting insights and help from people across the organisation has been great. Michael Till has been a great help, and then the guys in Strategic Asset Management, like Luke Vaughan, the GM, Peter Robinson and Ahmad Siddiqui, who is on-site with me. They have all been so supportive and happy to share knowledge with me.

And then Matt Waterman and Ed Boucaut from the HSEQ team, giving me insights into how facilities management plays into their roles and Rebecca Ower showing me where to get the documents I needed for HR. Everyone was so accommodating, and it was amazing to tap into the wealth of knowledge that Programmed has around Facility Management.

Working and learning from everyone has been excellent. It’s been a hands-on experience. I know what to look for in contracts and bids now, to registered requirements that need meeting for maintenance plans and looking at the lifecycle of an asset. All of this has built my self-confidence as I’ve gained information. I’m not second-guessing myself now, as I’ve learnt a lot.

Thank you, Brodie, for taking time out of your day to chat with us. We wish you all the best as you go on and use your new-found knowledge in your ongoing role. We are proud of your perseverance and growth.

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